Meet Stir

Stir Beverage is a team of handpicked beverage experts passionate about cocktails and dedicated to guest satisfaction at all events! Lead by cocktail enthusiast Chad McDonald the Stir team believes not only in creating beautiful, fragrant, and delicious cocktails for your guests, but also in engagement and education and always with the goal of creating a warm and welcoming service for each and every guest.

At Stir the philosophy is simple:

Create and serve unique & delicious cocktails using original recipes, twists on classic recipes, modern techniques, and fresh locally sourced ingredients.
Create an atmosphere that allows guests to feel comfortable, at ease and welcome.
Strive for perfection.

The above paired with the utmost attention to detail, a fleet of custom-built bar fronts, beautiful and stylish bar setups, and a team of professional and knowledgeable bartenders put Stir at the forefront of cocktail catering in Hawaii.

With Stir Beverage you will worry about nothing regarding your bar & cocktail needs. We specialize in everything from large gatherings of family and friends to intimate cocktail events at your home. Leave everything to us– we will collaborate closely with you and your culinary coordinators, create and supply a world-class bar, and create a truly wonderful experience for you and your guests.