who we are

Stir Beverage Catering is a team of beverage experts passionate about cocktails and dedicated to guest satisfaction at all events! lead by cocktail enthusiast Chad McDonald. Chad has spent 15 years as a professional bartender honing his passion and skills in the art of crafting cocktails. At Stir the philosophy is simple: create delicious, artisanal drinks using classic recipes, modern techniques, and the finest ingredients. This paired with the utmost attention to detail, beautiful and stylish bar setups, and professional and knowledgeable bartenders puts Stir at the forefront of beverage catering. The spirits are always of the highest quality, the fruits and juices are the freshest available, and all the extras (syrups, bitters, sorbets and sherbets, maraschino cherries, purees, cocktail onions, candied fruits, and much more) are locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible and are prepared by hand.

working for you

With Stir Beverage you will worry about nothing in regards to your beverage needs. We specialize in everything from large gatherings of family and friends to intimate cocktail events at your home. Leave everything to us– we will collaborate closely with you and your culinary coordinators, supply a world-class bar, and create a truly wonderful event for you and your guests. We will provide all embellishments to beverages such as garnishes, mixers, tonics, beverage napkins, straws, and ice. Stir will work to include the bar setup in any desired themes or color schemes for your event. Stir will work closely with clients to build custom menus and crafted cocktails and will hand-craft all garnishes for all beverages. We will also take care of generating a complete shopping list for alcohol purchase &pick up, and will handle all setup and breakdown of the bar including waste removal. From start to finish Stir will be there!


The word “toast, “meaning a wish of good health, started in ancient Rome, where a piece of toasted bread was dropped into wine.